Mandala Linework1226

Operate To Pollinate

Mandala Linework1226

A mandala design reflecting on the inherent drive to spread compassion and knowledge like a bee spreads pollen, in order for us to ultimately survive.

View the video I created of this piece, HERE displayed layer by layer.

Prints available soon at

Song: As I was editing the video together this song began playing on 8tracks and I felt it would fit perfectly with what I was doing. May be part of a series of future mandalas next month..?! Hope you enjoy!



Shiva performs the cosmic “Dance of Bliss” inside a ring of fire—the world of illusion—to destroy a weary universe and make preparations for Brahma to create everything anew.

 Ever since I had the pleasure of taking a World Religions class, I have found myself to be very inspired by eastern philosophy and culture, and in turn I have become enthralled in reading  books written by both Joseph Campbell and Alan Watts. This piece was inspired by my interpretation of Shiva.

This piece will featured at the upcoming Third Thursday Happening, and will be available to purchase there!

Design By Megan Garren in Dunedin, Fl


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